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Mooj Virtuemart ProSearch is professional search solution for the Joomla shopping cart “Virtuemart”. It consists of a suggestion module for the frontend, a search plugin for the back end and the main component.
All parts will be installed at once. ProSearch is  out of the box software.

Above you can see the frontend search suggestion module, which can easily be customized in view and also supports multilingualism as you can see by changing the site language to German.

If you like to see how the vertical alignment view looks like please visit this link.

Mooj Virtuemart ProsSearch is provided as commercial and non-commercial version. The example above represents the commercial version. The non-commercial version of search suggestions is almost identical to the commercial, except that a copyright back link will appear in the suggestions window. We consider it as small thank you for the free release.

But the main advantage and time saver is the admin search plugin which provides an ajax search widget to speed up your workflow.

The screenshot below represents the module paramters for the search suggestions module:
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